Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Levi Johnston, Mayor of Wasilla? We Don't Think So And Neither Does the Law

This morning, while I was looking for information on the new "State-Aid" bill the Congress is set to vote on today, I ran into a headline that read, "FIRST SHOTS: House to pass $26 billion aid bill, Levi Johnston for mayor? " Before the media thought twice to push this "Levi running for Mayor" anti-Palin story, they may have wanted to check the facts.

The facts are that Levi Johnston isn't even eligible to run for Mayor. According to the Wasilla candidate qualification code, an individual running for that office, must be resident of the city. It reads (emphasis mine):

4.12.010 Candidate qualifications.

Any person is eligible for city office if the person is a qualified voter of the city and meets state and city requirements for the office.

A. Candidates for council seats shall reside in the city and meet the requirements of Chapter 2.04

Levi Johnston does not live in the city of Wasilla. So automatically, he is disqualified. Not to mention, one needs to be twenty one years old to hold office, which as everyone should know by now, Levi is not.

Even if Levi were to move to the City of Wasilla to get in line with the candidate qualification code, he would still be ineligible given the fact that a candidate must live within the city limits for at least a year before an election. According to Chapter 2.16 of the Wasilla Municipal Code (emphasis added):

2.16.030 Qualification of mayor.

A person is eligible to hold the office of mayor if the person is a qualified city voter and has been a city resident or a resident of territory annexed to the city for one year immediately prior to the election. The mayor may not hold a position as council member or city employee, except as provided by state statute

So while the media is loving playing up this publicity stunt by Levi's handlers, they never bothered to check basic facts. In light of this information, I doubt this "reality show" will end up going as planned. Once again, in a rush to harm Governor Palin, the press ends up looking foolish.

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