Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Democrats Use Stevens Tragedy to Wish Death on Palin


In the wake of the passing of former Sen. Ted Stevens, the left displayed how far detached from civility they have become. We keep telling ourselves that we should expect the worst sort of behavior from them considering all they have already said and done. However, as decent people it is impossible to comprehend the levels they will sink, especially on days like this. Today, these people used the internet and the cover of sitting behind a computer monitor to not only wish death upon, but also direct loads of hatred with the usual venom toward Governor Palin. They are even trying to use these forums to intimidate her into not attending Senator Stevens funeral.

Twitter is a cesspool filled with haters who lash out against Governor Palin. Here are just some of the examples, these mighty proponents of "understanding" displayed on there, after news of Senator Stevens death became known.

Not to be left out, the lefty blogosphere decided to get in on the action...
I found these comments posted on Shannyn Moore's blog pertaining to the Stevens crash. Keep in mind that the "girl from Homer" monitors all of her comments. (I have highlighted the nasty comments in yellow)

The "Trig Truther" brigade at Gryphen's site couldn't control their thoughts on the matter either.

This is just a small sampling of the sort of hatred that the left and the Democrats dished out towards Governor Palin and her family in response to the nation losing one of it's most well-known senators. It is to their shame that nobody on their side has displayed the sort of leadership it would take to get that kind of hatred under control within their ranks. I do believe they are spiraling into a very dark place because nobody told them to STOP! Knock it off! No, nobody on their side calls them out at all. It is excepted behavior therefore they have allowed that hate to fester and grow.

This doesn't stop with Governor Palin, although I do believe she gets the worst of it. Many other Conservative leaders put up with this behavior from people who forgot how to just simply disagree. Well, if they won't call out their own side we will. It is our responsibility to call out any American who losses their grasp of humanity for the sake of power. KNOCK IT OFF!

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