Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Media's Anti-Palin Head Games

Last Sunday, Governor Palin said in an interview with Chris Wallace, "I don't blame people for not knowing what I stand for. If I believed everything I read in the media, I wouldn't like me either."

I've wondered before what I would think of Governor Palin if I wasn't a conservative political junkie who had already formed an opinion of, and had been familiar with Sarah Palin's record before John McCain chose her to be his running mate back in 2008. If all I knew about her was what I caught on the news after the announcement, or whatever some lamestream publication wanted me to think about the former Governor of Alaska, I definitely wouldn't spend so much time defending her. I am thankful I was paying enough attention in 2007, a time when I was growing tired of the ways of Washington, and was looking for reformers (especially pro-domestic energy ones) to hear about and conduct my own research on.

Much has changed since those days, and the media lynch mob has dedicated itself to distorting the narrative about Governor Palin and her family. They have put on a disgusting clinic in character assassination. But don't tell them that! They will have none of that kind of talk from the peasant class.

Just as Jack Cafferty...

Earlier this week, Jack hosted a segment in which he brought up the quote I just mentioned from Governor Palin. He scoffed at the notion that the media had any culpability in framing a negative opinion about her. He then went on to read five emails from his left-wing audience, who proceeded to display the fact that they are brainwashed haters that seem to take particular joy in calling Palin childish names. By reading these comments on air, Cafferty was using CNN's "news" platform to continue the behavior he had scoffed at just minutes earlier. He proved himself wrong because he, like the others cannot seem to control their hatred long enough to pull off a believable lie.

As we are all well aware of now, this started on the first day she joined McCain on the campaign trail. It has been said here before, but it bears repeating... What Katie Couric did during the prep for her coverage of the RNC Convention was rude, tasteless, and juvenile. However, what she later robbed her viewers of in the actual broadcast, was what I call journalistic fraud. She never once mentioned Governor Palin's professional record. A record of public service that dates back to 1992. While Couric did talk about the Governor's family (holding back her snobbish laughter, no doubt) everything else she told her audience was nothing but little irrelevant 'fun facts.' For a nation going through very rough economic waters, wars, and ongoing major energy issues, that sort of coverage sold Governor Palin short and robbed Americans the opportunity to see what she actually brought to the table. So, YES, Jack...It's the media's fault!

That brings me to a piece written on Tuesday by disgraced Journolist member, Greg Sargent titled, "Still more proof Sarah Palin is toxic outside her bubble." In it, he cites a few polls that say Governor Palin's "negatives" are high. The same figures Chris Wallace asked her about when she replied with the quote I mentioned above. Sargent, a onetime member of a group of left-wing ideologues, who used their journalistic platforms to coordinate attacks on Palin, now laughably says those numbers look the way they do because she's "toxic." No Greg, the only people Governor Palin is "toxic" to are you and your left-wing cohorts. Considering her commonsense conservative principles, I think that is sort of a given though, isn't it? I believe that once the American people, or "Joe Mainstreams" as Sheya called them the other day, learn the truth about her record of reform, her standing on the issues of the day (she stands with the majority), her commonsense methodology, and the fact that nobody (special interests included) owns Sarah Palin, they will come around.

The media's lies cannot live forever. Governor Palin continues to take hits from the press on a daily basis and is still standing, regardless of their efforts. In fact, even Greg Sargent had to admit her high approval numbers with Republicans. As much as Sargent wishes, he and his fellow travelers from the lefty media cannot contain Governor Palin to a "toxic bubble." The new media is alive and well, and something Palin has a knack for using to get her message out. She is going to need the help of her supporters to get the truth to the American people, and get around the head games the media play with this nation. Governor Palin can rest easy knowing she has many dedicated people who 'have her back,' ready to help spread that message of truth along with her.

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