Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why is David Letterman Still on TV?

Tiger Woods life has changed dramatically ever since that fateful night at the neighbor's tree. He's stepped aside from the PGA Tour (for the moment) and his sponsors have all either dropped him or rearranged his "duties." We probably won't hear directly from Tiger again for some time. His own personal domestic issues have ruined his career and killed his reputation.

Why did David Letterman get a pass?

I would argue that Mr. Letterman's actions were a lot worse considering the circumstances. He abused his position of power over young, ambitious females to gain control over them in a sexual manner. There is something almost criminal about that. It's pretty disgusting when you think about it but we all know Dave is a disgusting man. His constant sexist insults and derogatory diatribe, disguised as "comedy," directed at Sarah Palin and her family should be a case study in morbid psychosis. I'm not sure what the proper term to diagnose someone showing those attributes is but it certainly isn't 'sanity.'

I believe CBS gave David Letterman a pass because A.) He is an outspoken liberal and B.) They view him as one of their own. Sure he's not a nightly news anchor but he's one of them just the same. CBS should have terminated Dave immediately upon the revelation that he was taking advantage of their employees (and according to some, interns as well). Even the company I work for has fired people for conducting affairs in the office. There should be an ethical standard in any work environment, to keep the integrity of a business. When marriages are being torn to pieces and the work flow is negatively affected, it is incumbent on the company heads to maintain such standards.

What about Letterman's sponsors? The blog Hillbuzz went after these companies hard after the gruesome "joke" Dave told about Sarah Palin's 14 year old daughter. They got some attention for their efforts, but lo and behold months later, The Late Show is fully sponsored. These companies obviously have no trouble selling their products on the show of a perverted 'jokester' and abusive, sexual deviant like David Letterman.

I strongly advise never watching this man's show and take careful consideration before doing business with his sponsors. "The Late Show with David Letterman" is raunchy, late-night programing whose writers must be aiming for whatever demographic fits into a low IQ, high testosterone segment of the population. How many bathroom humored, non-funny "jokes" can an intelligent person sit through? And who are these people in the audience, laughing like monkeys? If anyone reading this has been to his show in the past year, I don't apologize, you deserve that.

I know David Letterman will eventually get what's coming to him. I also know there is a serious double-standard in the treatment of Tiger Woods affair(s) and those of CBS "star" David Letterman. It may take some time but eventually this creep will be off of the air and our country, make that the world, will be a better place for it.

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  1. David Letterman is the quintiessential creep.

  2. It's simpler. Tiger is still a golfer. He didn't lose his ability to earn a living or compete in his profession. Same is true for Letterman. Why would a t.v station take a celebrity off who has good ratings when the advertisers keep advertising? Tiger's brand had a lot to do with judgement. That' been blow out. He's just a great golfer now.