Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cluster "Farce" in Copenhagen

I don't know about you but I think the COP15 logo design was perfect. A big mangled, directionless, ball of nothingness... Pretty much sums up the Copenhagen Climate Summit thus far. One big cluster "farce."
  • It started months ago when American's were introduced to a man by the name of Lord Monckton.
  • Then the 'Climategate' scandal created it's own storm. Not to mention doubts.
  • After that, Copenhagen was described to be in a state of "disarray" after the 'Danish text' leak."
  • Next we had hundred arrested in massive protests outside of the summit where legions of Communists DEMANDED more MANDATES!
  • Then we had Secretary of State Clinton pledging $100B American tax dollars to "help developing countries." That should go over well with the public after the administration signed a $1.1 trillion dollar budget yesterday....and raised the debt ceiling.
  • How could I forget the Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe show? "there was a “silent and terrible ghost in the room” and that ghost was called capitalism, the applause was deafening."
  • China and their freaky call for population controls.
  • Then finally, I believe God had had enough and dumped a blizzard upon all their heads.
Can anyone tell me why the people who planned this summit, who's main goal was to bring about a consensus on global warming, would schedule it for the dead of winter, in Denmark?
I thought these people were supposed to be smart.

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