Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcoming Myself

First Blog....

I never intended having my own blog. I am not a writer nor do I have any training. So please forgive my sophomoric style and grammar. I do however spend a great deal of time trying to educate people about politics. My tool is the Internet, and my methods are various. I'll say no more on that subject.

A little information about myself...

I'm an early 30's something woman living in San Diego, California. I am an artist by trade and I have worked in the news media for almost a decade. Perhaps that's why I became a political junkie.

I'm just another ordinary American living in a world that appears to be undergoing vast changes. I am mortified by our current political circumstances. I can only hope that this latest season of discontent blossoms into a 'change' that finally suits the people of this nation over the reckless elite power structure.

I call myself a conservative libertarian. I always thought that if I were to say that to a foreigner, it might just confuse the hell out of them. It's really pretty simple though. If I look at my opinions on the issues, I usually come down on the side of "conservative" or "libertarian." Never "liberal" or "progressive." Whatever those words mean anymore. I like a term I have heard used in reference to Sarah Palin. They have described her as a "rugged individualist." As a westerner, I believe I fall right into that line of thinking.
I love my country and I believe our leaders should put the citizens of this nation interests ahead of other considerations. I see a disturbing trend of political leaders, on both sides of the isle taking a more globalist approach to policy. I see this as the greatest danger to this nation and it's people. Without our sovereignty, liberty, and Bill of Rights, we are no longer a nation at all. Those virtues are what made this nation and we cannot let them slip through our fingers under the guise of the global cause of the day.

Why am I doing this?

This blog is nothing more than an avenue for me to distribute information to other "serfs." We live in a country where the mainstream press is completely corrupt and in the pants of the executive branch of our government. As I said earlier, I work in the media. However, I am not a journalist and I have no say in what goes out as "news" on a daily basis. Perhaps another reason I feel compelled to distribute REAL information... Years of looking at frustrating headlines and head slapping voyeuristic journalism. FYI, I'm not a big fan of the 911 tape segments. In fact, they make me nauseous. Bottom line, I'm sick of the American people being lied to and used in a self destructive power struggle.


  1. Welcome Mighty Serf! I love your name and look forward to reading your blogs.

  2. "Without our sovereignty, liberty, and Bill of Rights, we are no longer a nation at all."

    Welcome, indeed!