Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boycott Roll International Products

Have you ever wondered why Levi Johnston won't go away?

Have you ever considered what it would have taken this young person to make it onto televisions screens and magazine covers, had it not been for his past personal relationships? I would say "for his current relationship" to his son but from what I hear, he ain't much of a dad.

Could it be that Levi's face captured the imagination of Hollywood and New York so much that they just had to get him on camera. Not likely.

He is most certainly a puppet on the strings of political operatives. The funny part about it is that he seems to be the only one that doesn't know. Perhaps his lawyer,
Rex Butler has blown enough smoke up his ass to convince him 'he is a stud.' Or perhaps they have drugged him. I don't know but I do know that if he has a heart at all, someday he will regret doing this to his son. I hope this bastard is full of shame one day... I really do.

Stupid kids are one thing (technically speaking, Levi is an adult but his mental capacity is still that of a child). Evil adults are quite another. My friend Gary has posted a story over at The Cypress Times that has some stunning information about those involved in keeping Levi in the public eye. Meet Lynda Resnick, Vice Chairman of Roll International.

From the article:

For months last year, the Huffington Post mocked Sarah Palin over Levi Johnston. The jokes about “meth”, hillbillies, and Bristol Palin was beyond the pale.

Now, Obama backers have launched an equally insidious deal to keep Levi Johnston in the public eye through a promotional campaign by Roll Industries for its nuts products- which seeks to profit from the former relationship between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Johnston is a spokesman for the Roll’s Paramount Growers division.

Stewart A. Resnick, a billionaire liberal democrat, residing in Los Angeles, is the Chairman of Roll International. Rolls’ business involves agriculture, Fiji Water, and the Franklin Mint. He is also a prime financial backer behind the Democratic Party. His wife Lynda is Godmother to Arianna Huffington’s daughter.

Many have speculated that rich democrats would go to any lengths to keep this character in the public eye to embarrass Sarah Palin. It’s a sad world where the rich can score political points by attacking children to get at the mother.

I suppose these "good philanthropists" think they are doing some sort of activist deed in proceeding with this sick personal attack on Sarah Palin's family. However, I think you may need to be completely devoid of morals to see it in that dark light.

Lynda Resnick is an interesting person to say the least. She holds many a crown upon her head including sitting on the executive board of the Aspen Institute. I would suggest researching the woman for some insight into the life and times of billionaire social engineers.

Here are some of her "fine" products to boycott

-Sunkist Fruit

-Teleflora, the largest flower delivery service in the world.

-FIJI bottled water

-POM pomegranate products.

-Paramount citrus and nuts.

-Suterra pest control items.

-Neptune Pacific Line global shipping company

-In-house advertising agency Fire Station, which pays Levi as a pitchman for Rolls’ nuts.

After doing some research on this lady, I think I'm going to go ahead and give these products a lifelong ban. Even if they ceased exploiting bad fathers, the fact that they would do it at all is enough for me. Not to mention that this company has used some controversial pesticides in the past.

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  1. One of these days Levi is going to have to explain to his son why he permitted himself to be used by these wealthy thugs. Rex Bulter should be disbarred since he is "mentoring" Levi into posing nude. You are right. Levi obviously has the mind of a child and these political pirahanas are shamelessly exploiting his ignorance.
    Thanks for the list of products to add to my personal boycott ban.