Monday, March 21, 2011

Which one has less lipstick on?

Maybe he's born with it...

If you think I altered the book cover for Going Courage, er make that Courage to Stand, then you would be mistaken. That is the exact copy of the image available from his publisher. Just click here to see for yourself. Please do... Get a close-up glimpse.

Comparing Tim Pawlenty's cover and Governor Palin's, you can't help but notice the similarities. Courage to Stand was released over a year after the governor released Going Rogue.
Let's see how the two match up:
  • The Subtitle for Governor Palin's book is "An American Life." Tim Pawlenty's subtitle reads, "An American Story."
  • T-Paw's book tells you who he is - "Former Governor of Minnesota." Governor Palin's doesn't have to.
  • Going Rogue sold more than 2.7 million by December 1, 2009, less than one month after it debuted. T-Paw sold 4,765 copies in the first week, but I'm sure sales picked up after the book tour was over, right?
  • Both authors are wearing a red top.
  • Both are standing against partly cloudy, blue sky background.
  • I can't tell if the governor is wearing a Berry Santa Fe, or perhaps a Blazing Bronze shade of lipstick. However, it's pretty clear that T-Paw chose to showcase his lips in Jazzy Red.
Maybe that's where he missed the mark? ... Nah.

Good luck getting those grassroots supporters, T-Paw!

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