Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marc Schenker: Palin tells Obama to stop kowtowing to the Mexican President

In a piece posted at the Examiner today, Marc Schenker commends Governor Palin for taking Obama to task for his recent kowtowing to Mexican President, Felipe Calderón. He writes:
In an appearance on Fox News’ new Justice with Judge Jeanine (Pirro, that is) program, Palin was asked about her thoughts on the Mexican president and his refusal to take responsibility for the drug-cartel catastrophe in his own country. Calderon has a long and repulsive history of shifting the blame to America for his country’s faults, which is why the question directed at Palin was so appropriate and relevant. A couple of examples of the Mexican president’s blame-America moments included last year, when he wrongly demeaned Arizona’s anti-illegal immigrant law, and just last month before his White House visit, when he told El Universal newspaper that the fault of the Mexican drug cartels is really America’s, because of its appetite for drugs.

Calderon is clearly and fully partaking in a bash-America policy to distract from his failures to provide better security as Mexican leader. His repulsive attitude can be compared, for instance, to Obama blaming his loss of one-half of Congress to “negative” campaigning from the GOP, when it can really be explained by his push for widely unpopular legislation like Obamacare, just to name one. In short, it’s an attitude of scapegoating something else instead of owning up to your own faults, which is always an attitude that must not be tolerated due to its sheer intellectual dishonesty.

Palin accurately branding Obama’s reaction to Calderon as “kowtowing” is very apropos since Obama’s own behavior verifies his kowtowing. Take for instance the way that Obama agreed with Calderon on basically everything and failed to criticize him during their joint news conference from a few days ago. And this coming after the fact that Calderon’s country’s idiotic law made it possible for ICE agent Jaime Zapata to be killed (Mexico has the cojones to actually ban American agents from carrying guns on them while in Mexico!). Perversely, Obama seems to assume that making sure he does not dare offend the “mighty” Mexican leader and his third-world country is more important than looking out for fellow Americans. Mexico is the US’ second-largest export market, so Obama seems to be kowtowing to Calderon to ensure that does not get endangered. However, the US has more leverage against Mexico when you consider all the US taxpayer money it gives Mexico in the form of aid. With that leverage, Obama shouldn’t kowtow, but yet he does, because he’s the apologist-president.

Palin was right on the money with this basic principle. The US shouldn’t kowtow to Mexico (even under Obama) because of all the harm that Mexico does the US with all the illegals coming across the border and raising hell. This raising hell is reflected in illegal alien crime, the stealing of US jobs, and also the increased costs to American taxpayers of providing services to these aliens. A secure US-Mexico border helps the US more than it does Mexico, which is why Calderon has been so impotent in doing anything about the drug cartels. After all, all the aliens who enter the US take money out of the US when they send home remittances to help prop up a shabby Mexican economy.

You can read the article in it's entirety here.

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