Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ABC's John Berman Distorts Governor Palin's Statement on Oil

Tuesday evening, after Governor Palin released her statement concerning oil prices on Facebook, John Berman from ABC News filed this, somewhat ridiculous report:
Sarah Palin says 2012 “can’t come soon enough.” But for what? A dramatic run or the White House? Another reality show?
It's no mistake that Mr. Berman chose to begin his report that way. Before his readers are given a chance to take in the substance of what Governor Palin had written, this guy tries to cheapen her, and subsequently her message. Keep in mind that John Berman considers himself a "newsman," he's not an editorial writer.

So then, what is the relevance of bringing up a television show the governor recorded last summer to the current topic? None. It's merely a distraction and it is in no way covering the basic Who, What, Where, When, Why, or How of his story. Like so many reporters, perhaps John Berman forgot his job description.

Forced to actually cover his topic, Berman writes (emphasis mine):
Labeling President Obama as the “$4-per-gallon president," she asserts, “The evidence of the president’s anti-drilling mentality and his culpability in the high gas prices hurting Americans is there for all to see.”

She criticizes the drilling moratorium following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the proposed elimination of tax incentives for certain types of exploration, and what she calls his “anti-drilling regulatory policies.”

She disputes the notion that rising prices are related to the unrest in the Middle East, saying rather, “the White House stood idly by watching the prices go up and allowing America to remain increasingly dependent on imports from foreign regimes in dangerously unstable parts of the world.”

Does this guy even know how to read? Governor Palin's statement actually read (emphasis mine):
The President may try to suggest that the rise in oil prices has nothing to do with him, but the American people won’t be fooled. Before we saw any protests in the Middle East, increased global demand led to a significant rise in oil prices; but the White House stood idly by watching the prices go up and allowing America to remain increasingly dependent on imports from foreign regimes in dangerously unstable parts of the world.
That is not 'disputing' the "notion" that high gas prices are "related" to the situation in the Middle East. What she is stating is that BEFORE tensions broke out all over that region, oil prices had gone up, in large part because of Obama's energy policies. She really lays out quite the case against the Obama administration for their role in helping to create the perfect storm that we as Americans are now facing with energy costs. She lists the president's drilling moratorium, his 2012 budget, and his anti-drilling regulatory policies as all being factors to the current $4 gas at the pump. All of these things were in place before the massive demonstrations in Tunisia or Tahrir Square.

Obama's policies restrict our country from drilling our own oil. Therefore, leaving us to depend on these highly unstable parts of the globe, which in times like these, can take an already uncertain economy and throw it into a tailspin.

Berman then adds this gem to his piece:
She makes no mention of nuclear energy, so much in the news following the disaster in Japan. But she continues a refrain that she has used in recent interview -- claiming that the president is actively working to “weaken” the country.
What car runs off of nuclear energy? The title of Governor Palin's note is "The $4-Per-Gallon President." Those would be gallons of gasoline, Mr. Berman.

Since Obama has taken office, oil prices are up 67%, unemployment has gone from 7.6% to 9.5%, and the administration keeps injecting uncertainty into the market with their programs and power grabs. The economy is struggling to rebound, and high oil prices could easily prevent it from doing so, thereby making us a weaker country. Also, being beholden to dictators and foreign regimes in volatile neighborhoods isn't exactly as sign of strength. So, yes... Obama is working to weaken the country.

Governor Palin posted a great statement regarding the Obama administration's failed energy policies. While covering the item, "newsman" John Berman not only failed at journalism, but he also seems to have flunked basic comprehension.

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