Monday, November 1, 2010

Palin Bashing, Academia Version 2.0

A professor by the name of Clive Thomas from the University of Alaska Southeast is traveling the world to give lectures to students at other universities on the subject of Governor Palin. Why is this man considered an expert on all things Palin? That would be because of his regional location and the fact that he is willing to bash the governor and her supporters, of course! From everything I have read about Mr. Thomas, he has never claimed to have met Governor Palin. However, he does teach Political Science in the gigantic state of Alaska, so there you go...

Clive Thomas makes headlines at all of his stops because he, like the media, is transfixed on both profiting from and trying to destroy the governor's reputation through libel and slander. It's a twofer for the establishment left when it comes to Governor Palin. They can pay their bills while simultaneously advancing their own leftist agenda by attempting to tear down the face of modern American Conservatism.

Mr. Thomas is back home in Juneau after his great adventure and as the Juneau Empire reported today, has some interesting things to say about Governor Palin and us, her supporters. They report:

A lot of factors, including good timing, went in to the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin, said Clive Thomas, professor of political science in Juneau.

And one of those factors, he said, was a reaction tinged by racism following the election of the nation's first black president.

"Would Sarah Palin be where she is today if we didn't have a black president?" Thomas asked.

Thomas, a political science professor at University of Alaska Southeast, spoke Friday evening at a packed Evening at Egan lecture. As one of the state's few academics studying state politics, Thomas has been invited to speak on Palin around the world, but Friday was his first presentation locally on the Palin phenomenon.

How big a role racism may have played in the public opposition to President Barack Obama is difficult to judge, Thomas said, because racist views are notoriously difficult to sample with telephone polling.

I would like to point out that it's especially difficult to judge how racist people are when you wish them to be racist, yet they're not. They just don't seem to be willing to give up the goods!

Now, Mr. Thomas, if you ever read this, please pay close attention to what I am about to tell you. I would not be supporting Governor Palin, Conservatives, or writing blogs, or any other activity related to the brand of politics I subscribe to if it was a racist movement. I have pointed it out before and I'll do it again. I come from a mixed racial family and have myself been the victim of racism coming from, not only whites, but blacks and Hispanics too. To the point where I have had a rock thrown at my head while operating a vehicle. And yes, it landed. I treat every person on the merit of their character, no matter what others have done to me or my family in the past. So no Sir, I have no tolerance for racism nor do I need any around my fellow Conservatives and Libertarians.

What the professor from Southeast Alaska is doing is setting up little straw men around the globe to paint perceptions. He is misguiding his audience about the nature of the Conservative movement, and the purpose we all have in supporting Governor Palin. Race isn't even part of the equation. The fact that Obama is half black is irrelevant... As Governor Palin pointed out not that long ago when she said, "we don't care if he's half white!" We don't. What we care about is what he and the other leftist leaders are doing to this country.

The nature of the Conservative movement and the allure Conservatives have to Governor Palin are based on the desire to see the government live by the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, and an awareness of the need to rid our system of the corruption that plagues this nation's political class.

Governor Palin has the record and the fight in her to lead the charge on these issues and more. She understands this movement better than most of the country's political leaders and certainly better than Mr. Thomas could ever hope to. His willingness to bring race into the current political debate tells me that he is the one with the racial problem. Race is something he sees when he looks at our current president. He projects his own racial obsession onto those whom he disagrees with, then forms his opinion in the opposite direction of which he wishes others to believe about him. By doing so, he exposes himself.

It appears that Clive Thomas has found a way to make some extra money and travel the world by taking advantage of a lot of "factors," like "timing" and location. He is able to do so because the left who controls academia, has an insatiable appetite for negative information about Governor Palin, no matter how false it is. They just want to hear it and spread it to their students. By having a "Political Science Professor" from Alaska tell them what they want to hear, it validates their beliefs, which are lies (see: racism meme) in their minds.

A wise "ex-leftist" I occasionally exchange banter with on Twitter once told me, "The most important job leftists have is to lie to themselves. The rest is easy."

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