Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mediaite Proves Governor Palin's Point

Glynnis MacNicol from Mediaite posted a piece today called, "Sarah Palin: The ‘Lamestream’ Media Is Hurting Our Troops." The article is a hostile effort to deflect attention from what Governor Palin actually said. She never said that the "media is hurting our troops," although I do believe she called the press 'lame.' She said:

"We've got to hold the press accountable when you know they're making things up and telling untruths. We've got to do this together.

By the way, I am the biggest proponent of freedom of the press in this country. Our young men and women in uniform willing to fight and die for our constitutional rights including that right to a free press. It's why I am hot on this lamestream media issue. It's why I am adamant that they tell the truth. How dare anyone disrespect our troop’s sacrifice by claiming the right to print and to say anything without a corresponding responsibility to truth."

The media's role is supposed to be one that tells the populace the who, what, when, where, and why's of any given story. However, we have seen the media stop doing that and instead they use their platform to push an agenda and distort the truth. What Governor Palin is clearly saying, is that the media has a huge responsibility to uphold the ethics of their trade. These people would not be able to practice their professions without the sacrifices of the people who serve our country in the military. The media has a big responsibility and they owe every ability they have to freely communicate to our troops. They trash that responsibility every time they overlook their ethics and instead try to push that agenda.

Governor Palin gave a great speech Friday night in Iowa. You can see it in it's entirety here. You knew the media would be upset by her calling them out. This article is a clear display of their displeasure, and by referring to her as "Frankenstein" at the end, they merely prove her point.

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