Sunday, July 11, 2010

Inside the C4P Meet-Up

I'm happy to report that the first Conservatives 4 Palin Meet-Up, held in San Diego was a resounding success! To everyone who helped organize the event (you know who you are), I want to thank you all for a job well done!

What a wonderful experience to share with such great patriots. The speeches and presentations provided by Brian, Janne, Bridget, Whitney, and Sarah were outstanding lessons in activism. They provided a lot of information to help empower all those gathered in that room to fight for our principles, and help defend Governor Palin. The information gained by those who attended that day can be kept and used for years to come in this ongoing struggle against the tide of leftism in this country. Those on the left often use the word "revolution" in speaking of their own political fight. The word used over and over in our gathering of "ordinary barbarians" was "restoration." I think that says a lot about the differences between the two sides.

When Governor Palin called in to the meeting, it was a total surprise to most of us there. She stayed on for awhile telling us how thankful she was for the effort we put forth and gave us a great pep-talk. I guess all those rumors you hear about Governor Palin being a gracious person are true. For her to take time out of her Saturday to do that speaks to her character, and is just another reason I am proud to support her. Thank you Governor Palin for taking the time to show some of your most loyal supporters how much you care. We got the message.

Speaking of gracious and loyal people, Rebecca Mansour the creator of C4P, and now trusted adviser to Governor Palin, also called in. She offered us many words of encouragement. This also speaks to the character of the people Governor Palin surrounds herself with, but you all knew that already... Thank you RAM for taking time out on your Saturday to speak with the group. It was greatly appreciated.

Later that evening, Tammy Bruce (another shining example of gracious behavior) came to eat dinner with us, then delivered one of the best speeches I have ever heard. Smart, patriotic, inspiring, and realistic, Tammy Bruce hit on many points and filled the room with wisdom. She spoke of our nation's past and our present. She didn't give a depressing, or even angry lecture. It was a realistic assessment of what happened during the election and what is happening today. Tammy Bruce is patriot first and foremost. She is a solid defender of Governor Palin and I believe that she lends her support based on shared principles and character. During her speech, she reminded us all that this country is still great, despite Obama. She said "don't forget who you are!" To that I say, Amen!

She also repeated a line she posted on Twitter the night the governor delivered that speech at CSU Stanislaus. She said "This is what we mean when we say we have that woman's back. Everyone take notice, there are no Free Shots at Sarah Palin. Not anymore!" She said that they will take their shots, but when they do, "we shoot back." Got that, LSM? NO FREE SHOTS! Each comes with it's own price-tag, and that price-tag is the destruction of the media's own credibility. Without said credibility, the press is nothing. The governor's supporters will ensure that the light of day is shined upon the media's journalistic fraud each and every time.

As much as our detractors wish it were true, this gathering in San Diego was not some brainless groupie fan-fest. This was a gathering of patriotic Americans who share a respect for our nation's foundation, and also share respect for the one leader with the courage to stand up for that foundation. A group of people that watch Governor Palin endure the attacks on every aspect of her life, only to say back to her attackers, 'No, I will not sit down and shut up.' Governor Palin's supporters happen to admire that attitude. We are not the mindless drones that repeat short meaningless phrases, like the left did for Obama in 2008. We are under no misguided notion that Governor Palin will effect the ocean's tide level. She is human and we are all well aware of that. She is as grounded in reality as her supporters are, which is why she has so many. We are the people that understand 'cause and effect.' We are the ones who want a free nation to prevail, and not one indebted to nations that do not have our children's best interests in mind. We believe in "rugged individualism" and not overbearing, intrusive, nanny statism. We share values, principles, and morals with Governor Palin. Anyone who tries to compare us with the hero-worshiping stooges from the left, should be promptly called out for their own ignorance.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who put this event together. My suggestion to those of you who could not attend this one, try if you can to attend the next. The experience is not one you will forget and you are guaranteed to pick up knowledge and tools to help you get more involved.
Our side needs to be as active and organized as the left. We all need to do our part to hold the government and the media accountable. While Sarah Palin no doubt needs our help, the survival of a our recognizable republic depends on it.

Update by Kelsey: Here's Tammy Bruce talking about the the Meet-Up and the idea being floated by some that Palin should be the RNC chair:

Join the United States of Tammy.

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