Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don Surber, Refudiating Palin’s Journolist Critics

Don Surber posted a great piece today to 'refudiate' the former Journolist member, Greg Sargent for effectively blaming readers for the way he and other members in the media treat Governor Palin. Surber writes:
Consider the admissions by Politico and Greg Sargent that they regularly run items on Sarah Palin simply to drive traffic.

From Politico: “More traffic comes from an item on Sarah Palin’s ‘refudiation’ faux pas than from our hundreds of stories on the complexities of health care reform or Wall Street regulation.”

Perhaps if Politico were as vigilant in its coverage of health care reform and Wall Street regulation as it is every slip by Sarah Palin readers would be interested.

Come on, we should not have to wait 4 months after its passage to learn that by Obamacare means any business transaction of $600 or more must be reported to the IRS; just what that has to do with health care is beyond me. If Politico had reported that in March in as entertaining a manner as it covers Sarah Palin, maybe it would not have to go around sliming Sarah Palin just to get hits.

Then there is this from Greg Sargent: “Frivolous items about Sarah Palin do degrade our discourse, but we need to do them, because the simple fact is that people click on them in droves.”


Seriously, if it is all about hits then just run photos of Miley Cyrus — or Britney Spears nude.

That’s what Perez Hilton does, right?

No, Greg Sargent and Politico waste a lot of time mocking Sarah Palin because that is what they like to do — and they blame readers for it. Once again, a liberal refuses to take personal responsibility. What degrades our discourse is a lack of candor.

One more thing, is it not telling that 2 years after she burst on the world scene, people still cannot get enough of Sarah Palin? I don’t seem to recall John Edwards, Joe Lieberman or Jack Kemp working up that much excitement 2 years after their failed VP candidacies.

You can read Don Surber's piece in it's entirety here

Anyone who has followed the unfolding saga that is the fall of the left-wing listerv "Journolist," knows very well that ratings and internet "hits" where never the reason the media treated Palin so grossly unfair. There is no denying the fact that Governor Palin generates interest with the public. She does have the ability to draw attention to an issue, thereby drawing attention to any site covering that issue. However, these writer's are no longer covering issues, they are using their forums in an attempt to create negative perceptions in that public's mind about a political figure they wish to destroy. Such is the state of the modern day media.

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