Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What About the Stalker's Politics?

I watched that pathetic interview Matt Lauer conducted Tuesday morning with stalker, Joe McGinniss, who is living next door to the Palin family. It's safe to say many things about the interview itself bothered me, but I'm wondering where Matt Lauer's journalistic nature to 'tell the story' went? Lauer asked McGinniss a few questions, and sort of had an ' aw shucks, it's just crazy Uncle Joe' attitude towards the interview. Only later did I find out, through Governor Palin's Facebook statement that NBC didn't even fulfill their word to tell her side of the story through a statement her and her husband Todd had provided. Nonetheless, Matt Lauer also omitted disclosing the "why" of the entire ordeal.

Matt Lauer does point out one obvious motive Joe McGinniss has for whoring himself to his preferred media outlets, being that of book sales. However, Lauer never asked Joe just what it was that lead him to write the book in the first place. Author's usually write about things they are knowledgeable of or interested in. Outside of his past stalking and whatever he read in left-wing rags, McGinniss knows virtually nothing about Sarah Palin. Could it be that Joe McGinniss is a far-left political hack with an agenda?

I know it's obvious to those of us that are on Governor Palin's side, otherwise known as "The Hounds of Hell," but what about the viewers at home? I was pretty much on to the fact that McGinniss was a far-left nut after the Portfolio hit-piece he wrote back when Governor Palin was serving her last term in office. But just how far left this guy really is didn't occur to me until I read the Politico article the other day where he repeated the same line his son had said in a different article, that Sarah Palin "incites hate."

For an example of real hate, please check out Karen Allen's piece where she detailed the hatred Governor Palin receives every day from the oh so "tolerant" left.

Once again we have to play "can you imagine if this were a Conservative?" If Barack Obama had lost the election, gone home to Chicago and some right-wing political hack with an agenda and a creepy habit of following him around the country, moved in next door to him, just what kind of response would there be from the media? And he's a man! Not that it matter's considering I think a house protected by Sarah Palin is a much safer house than one protected by our current president, but that's a topic for another day.

So this angry little man, named Joe McGinniss doubles-down on his "incites hate" meme and then goes for the "Nazi" blow... I've got news for the audience at home that was robbed of the truth of the matter in this story. "Journalists" that say Conservatives like Sarah Palin "incite hate" and are like "Nazi's" when said Conservatives are merely defending themselves and their families, are as far-left as left can go. They are not Journalists any more than I am. Trust me, I have been in verbal combat with these suckers (left-wingers) for years. I know the way they talk and the adjectives they use. I even know why they do it. It's all about marginalization, and it's a tactic their hero, Saul Alinsky perfected.

I have many examples of those on the left calling those of us they disagree with "Nazi's." The one that sticks in mind the most is a Noam Chomsky interview given earlier this year while at the University of Wisconsin. The reason for that is because I got into a two day, back-n-forth with a left-winger over the very issue of their side using this terminology. Anyway, here is what known far-left (I would label him an anarchist) radical has to say about Conservatives:
“I’m just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler’s speeches on the radio, and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering"
"I, like most of the American people, don't begrudge people success or wealth. That is part of the free-market system.’ People see that and are not happy about it. People want some answers. They are hearing answers from only one place: Fox, talk radio, and Sarah Palin."

The fact that Noam didn't come right out and say the word "Nazi," should be a good indicator of just how far left Joe McGinniss is. It is more than repugnant that the left has virtually destroyed the meaning of the word "racism" and now they wish to flush the horrific truth of the holocaust and the ruthless reign of the Socialistic Nazi Party of Germany. Two things the left loves to do... Rewrite history and change the meaning of words, i.e. "liberal."

We did get one update from Matt Lauer's interview with the stalker. Now McGinniss is claiming that he just so happens to be renting that house. He didn't really go there to spy on Governor Palin, or anything. It's just a 'great deal' or some such thing. So I guess this means it wasn't planned out by a vindictive owner after all? At least that's the story today.

I did a little poking around and found out some information about the woman that will be joining Joe up on Lake Lucille this Wednesday. McGinniss stated in the Lauer interview that his wife, Nancy Doherty will be joining him for 'Stalk-fest 2010.' Maybe if Matt had looked into Joe's wife's background, there may have been a clue as to just what McGinniss is doing in Wasilla.

For starters, Nancy is a "scholar" and a "meticulous editor and writer." From what I can tell she mostly does editing, and outside of the work she does for her husband and son, she has only one major book under her belt. A book titled: "Stealing Reality: The Rise of the Right, the Fracture of News, the Lessons of Karl Rove." Ironic isn't it? Something tells me that if Governor Palin ever wanted to invite Karl up to Alaska for a Bar-B-Que, now would be a good time.

Then there's this little blurb that caught my eye on her biography page for Mount Holyoke where she is listed as a "scholar" and had also attended in the sixties during her college years.
"Mount Holyoke was the right place at the wrong time for me,” she said. “I was there before the ‘revolution.’"

She left in 1966.

Take whatever you want from that and feel free to read it in it's entirety. I provided a link to the original entry.

What all this boils down to is that not only does Joe McGinniss have a financial interest in his actions, he has political interests as well. Then there is the creepy obsessive stalker business that I think may be a side effect of his original motives. Whatever the case, this situation continues to be absurd and the media continues to play along. By not asking any relevant questions and not showing any sign of understanding what the victims, the Palin family are going through, they have proven themselves able to fall even further down the wormhole of an irrelevant, for the left-wing only, press.

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