Monday, June 7, 2010

Time Promotes Anti-Palin Facebook Hate Group

On Monday, Time "NewsFeed" online edition published a piece by Kayla Webley called "Facebook Group: Plug the BP Oil Spill with Sarah Palin." Karen Allen wrote a piece that details many of the disgusting comments left by the rabid members of the group, here.

I had never been to Time's "NewsFeed" site before, due to the fact that I would rather have a root canal than read a Time article. It appears as though it's some sort of dumping site for more up to the minute, left-leaning Time Magazine style articles, but for online publication. That said, they sure are scrapping the bottom of the barrel if their idea of "news" for their "feed" consists of the promotion of Facebook hate groups.

As it turns out the author of the piece, Kayla Webley, has also been a writer for... you guessed it, The Huffington Post. She also just so happens to be based out of.... you guessed it, Chicago. Now, this could be some sort of coincidence but I think at the very least, Kayla has a bit of left-wing slant to her. Just a little bit, perhaps? How did she even come up with the idea to cover this group? Maybe trolling the anti-Palin spread on the lefty side of Facebook one night? Could it have been that she thought the group was funny and clever, considering the fact that Governor Palin seems to have really hit the nerve of these guilt-ridden, energy abusing, left-wing degenerates, with her latest message about the oil leak in the Gulf?

I consider myself well versed in what ticks the left off. Each and every day I take a few moments to engage in not-so friendly debate with them on a whole host of issues. I know Governor Palin's accurate accusation about the left's own environmental crusade contributing to what is likely to be the worst environmental disaster of our lifetime, is under their skin like no other. These people simply cannot handle guilt. It literally drives them mad. It's why they are willing to pay Al Gore money for "carbon credits" to "offset" their own "environmental impact"... HA!

These people are really freakin crazy when you think about it. Hence a group where they can all gather together and spew out what is on the other side of their frontal lobe, around the corner from 'guiltyville,' we have the 'hater-zone.'

Where this loser, the groups creator, Josh Neimand provides a place they all can go. There they can regurgitate the lies they've been told, engage in sexist bigotry, or simply fantasize about the different ways they want to murder a good person they actually know nothing about. Oh, and be sure to pick up a coffee mug and a T-shirt while you're at it, you morons. I mean, writing opinion pieces for the "Food Examiner" only pays so much, I imagine.

Neimand, appeared to have been shocked that Time would run a piece on his stupid little group he started. Why shouldn't he be? I'm thinking his is probably the only Facebook group that promotes violence against ANYONE, that is also featured on a major publication's website as some sort of human interest story. The pathetic state of the biased media in this country continues to sink below the gutter.

The entirety of the left itself is in a bad place. The president they had "hoped" would "change" things for the better seems to be too preoccupied with his golf clubs to handle the many crisis' this country finds itself in. The media continues to lie to them, thereby they lie to themselves. Let's face it, these people are in denial about many things. And their hatred for Conservatives like Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement is growing daily. It's important for us, the hated to keep one thing in mind while we try to live amongst the cranky lefty horde. This hatred, as all hatred, is based in fear. Their real fear happens in November.

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