Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mickey Kaus Announces He'll Take Obama's Bribes

Mickey Kaus is undoubtedly my favorite Democrat in California. That alone means that he is probably pretty well hated by the ruling far-left, establishment of the state party. The California Democrat Party, as well as the state itself is run almost entirely by the public employee unions. Hence the wonderful shape we find ourselves in today... People always say "well Arnold is a Republican." Yes he is, but he's a piss-poor excuse for one and he was never any match against the unions and their bidders in the legislature.

This brings me to the one democrat I have seen in this state to go up against the unions. A man that is actually running against Barbara Boxer in the Democrat Primary race to be held next Tuesday, here is California. Since he is anti-union, anti-establishment, and pro border security, he has ZERO chance of winning the nomination. Seeing the writing on the wall, he thought he would at least try to get some of those goodies the Obama Administration is handing out to candidates in the primary races that they don't want to win. Seeing that most of the candidates they have offered them to have turned them down, he thought perhaps he could give the administration a "win" by actually accepting a payoff to get out of the race.

From the L.A. Times:
In an obviously effective attempt to attract free attention to his hopeless primary campaign against incumbent Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, California's Mickey Kaus has just announced the three backroom bribes that he would accept from the Obama administration to drop his challenge.

The California primary is Tuesday.

The Obama administration in recent days has been embarrassed to have to defend its job offers to at least two rebel Democrats challenging incumbent Democratic senators in this ominous midterm election year -- Joe Sestak, who successfully dumped incumbent, newly discovered Democrat Arlen Specter, and Andrew Romanoff, who's challenging troubled Sen. Michael Bennet in Colorado.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs attempted to justify the employment buy-offs by painting them as routine political maneuvers and efforts to promote party unity.

Kaus, a pioneering political blogger, sees the bids differently:

"I always thought primary challenges were part of the democratic process, allowing a full airing of competing viewpoints and offering voters a choice. I'm challenging a three-term incumbent in order to provoke a debate over the misguided Democratic party dogma she reflexively embraces."

The candidate who claims to be no politician said he would accept no ordinary federal bureaucrat's job. However, he could be purchased by employment as:

--Head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to push for an actual physical fence on the Mexico border to stop illegal immigrants and to end the "anointed incumbent...Boxer's obsessive talk of amnesty, sorry, 'a path to citizenship'" that actually acts as a powerful lure for even more illegal immigrants.

--Second, Kaus kindly offers, Obama could put him on the National Labor Relations Board so he could thwart "Big Labor's attempt to add to their dwindling memberships by avoiding secret ballots in union organizing drives."

--Finally, Kaus offered to accept an administration job offer to the Department of Education to write "a scathing report" on California teachers' unions and their deleterious impact on the state.


You can visit his website, "Kaus for Senate" here

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