Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NRA Backs Carly Fiorina

The National Rifle Association sent California Republican members a mailer endorsing Carly Fiorina for the GOP nomination in the California Senate race. To be fair they also gave Chuck DeVore a 'thumbs up' for his defense of the Second Amendment. However, as Ben Smith from Politico states it, they made their "preference" of Fiorina clear. He writes:

The National Rifle Association sent this postcard to its California Republican members, making it the latest conservative force, along with Sarah Palin and much of the organized pro-life movement, to swing behind Carly Fiorina.

The card describes Fiorina and Chuck Devote as strong pro-gun candidates, but makes its preference clear, writing effusively of Fiorina, "a gun owner, proud NRA Member, and strong Second Amendment Supporter."

The mailer attacks the third candidate, Tom Campbell, at length as having cast "anti-gun votes."

The NRA issues ratings for candidates like a school grading system. They handed out an "A" to both Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore. Based on Tom Campbell's voting record and current positions on Second Amendment issues, he received the rating of "F."

During the last debate between these three candidates, Tom Campbell had another episode that should make any Second Amendment advocate cringe.

Like Carly Fiorina, I too know somebody that is currently on the federal government "no-fly" list. That person is about the last person I would expect to be a danger to any flight. Whatever criteria they are using is bogus, considering Faisal Shahzad, the Time Square wannabe bomber actually made it on to a flight after his attempted terrorist attack. For Tom Campbell to put his faith into this broken bureaucracy and be so willing to take away a person's Constitutional rights, is frightening. But there are a lot of things about Tom Campbell that are frightening.

Both Fiorina and DeVore deserve accolades from the NRA for their Second Amendment record, membership, and political stance. By displaying a preference to Fiorina, it's clear that the NRA sees the writing on the wall. To them, Tom Campbell is unacceptable and they are making their opposition to him known.

DeVore supporters have been trotting out poll numbers that show him gaining on Barbara Boxer. Everyone is gaining on Babara Boxer. The trouble for Chuck DeVore and his supporters is that he cannot beat Tom Campbell. On the other hand, Carly Fiorina can. So it's pretty clear why the NRA is displaying a preference for Fiorina.

The National Rifle Association endorsement is a high mark for any Conservative candidate. Being a member myself, I trust this group to watch out for our Constitutional right to bear arms. A right that I believe, fundamentally keep us a free people. The NRA understands what is going on in the GOP Primary as well. They know what the score is, so to speak.

It should also be obvious to anyone paying attention that Sarah Palin would never endorse a candidate that is squishy on Second Amendment rights. She, herself being a strong advocate and taking her fair share of lumps from the anti-gun, ultra-left for doing so.

Carly Fiorina scores an "A" with gun owners and Second Amendment activists. She will do a great job as Senator and give California dramatically different representation than what we are currently getting from the ultra-left's own, Barbara Boxer.

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