Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fear & Loathing Sarah Palin - Hollywood Edition

There is a reason I haven't stepped foot into a movie theater in years... I can't stand Hollywood.

It's lack of creativity, it's drug addicts, it's moral depravity (and I'm no saint) also, it's grand-standing preaching actors, it's cults, it's creepy apartments for child actors that serve the young residents drugs and alcohol. Then there's the not-so secret, secret about how most young men obtain their movie roles. Somebody clue in "Ricky Hollywood," considering the path he's chosen... The whole place makes me rather nauseous. It's a shining example of how we have fallen as a culture.

If anyone thinks that last paragraph was hyperbole, I can assure you that it's not. I have a geographical link to L.A. as I am just south of them. Occasionally their problems leak into our community. More often, you meet people here who have lived there and share their experiences. Then there are examples like the friend of mine that I went to college with. Hollywood stole his creativity, his soul, and eventually his life. He was the most talented person in my class and a close friend in school. He's dead now.

So why do I pick up the rock to show you the ugly underbelly of the world's entertainment capitol? Because I am wondering where these people get off with their judgment and ridicule.

There is no question that Hollywood considers itself part of the nation's elite. The fact that they are accepted as such should indicate the standards by which the other members of this esteemed club live by. Many on the Hollywood left like to spew their opinions, no matter what their venue. They take aim at Christianity, Jews, and basically anyone that lives by traditional, pro-American values.

It's no wonder that they target Governor Palin. All one needs to do is visit Newsbusters or click on a Hollywood gossip site. Just about everyday there is some member of Hollywood making a snarky and/or demeaning comment about the governor.

Last week Governor Palin flew to Los Angeles to film an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and meet with network executives concerning a documentary about Alaska. She even stopped to make a very charitable donation to the Red Cross in an effort to help out earthquake victims in Haiti and Chile. Sounds harmless enough, right?

Everything I just listed that she took part in while in L.A. was trashed and mischaracterized by the Hollywood gossip rags and eventually repeated by the MSM, or LSM, whatever you prefer. The nature of the attacks from the lie spreading, Hollywood "reporters" had a certain tone to them. They all seem to paint Governor Palin, and her "entourage" as though they were some sort of redneck hillbillies. Searching for fame and fortune on "reality shows" before they loot the Silver Spoon of all of those freebies.

To top it off, their usual nemesis, actors, jumped on the band wagon. Repeating the lies (and they of all people should know they were lies) by adding their own snarky half-witted two cents to the mix. It must be their left-wing ideology that allows them to believe that Hollywood gossip-mongers are all of a sudden members of a noble profession. I guess if it's politically convenient, why not, eh George? I don't imagine Retracto, the Correction Alpaca has received the proper corrections yet and I'm not holding my breath.

As if Hollywood didn't quite get the message through to Governor Palin about the depths of their hatred, Kathy Griffin flew into Alaska to make it clear. Griffin boldly made an uninvited house call to Governor Palin's home (knowing full well that governor wasn't there at the time) to "invite" the governor to Kathy's little grotesque, ridicule roadshow. This ridiculous woman used Ricky Hollywood himself, aka the father of Sarah Palin's grandchild to introduce her on stage in Anchorage. In essence, using the one link she had, via a toddler (again) to attack Governor Palin in her own neck of the woods. Disgraceful to say the least. After hearing what was said on that stage, I'll go even further and call Kathy Griffin a sexist bigot. Yes, the term can be applied to a woman too. I understand very well that leftists think they are immune to terms like "sexist," bigot," and "racist" but if the shoe fits... My colleague, Ron Devito wrote more about Griffin's spectacle here.

In no way do I believe ALL of Hollywood is rotten and that everyone there heinous. One of my closest friends, my old roommate is an actress. I have other friends that live and work there that keep their sanity somehow, while keeping a healthy distance from the madness that is so present there. It's also interesting to note that not everybody who wrote about Governor Palin's visit to the city, did so with malice. Although one quickly learns what defending Sarah Palin brings you in terms of love from the left.

The left and those in Hollywood may scoff at the notion that they fear Governor Palin but they never deny that they hate her. I happen to think fear is the root of all hatred. Hollywood is full of low self-esteems, hatred, and fear. Frankly, they look silly trying to demean anyone.

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