Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sarah Palin's Fair Weather "Friends"

"My eighty-percent friend is not my twenty-percent enemy."
-Ronald Reagan

Obviously some people out there in the political blogosphere don't agree with the former president on that. It seems a mere one percent is enough for these people to, not only pick up their bags and leave from their former place of activism, but to also bash the integrity of the other ninety-nine percent of where they once stood. I'm speaking of those people that feel so let down by Sarah Palin's endorsement of Rand Paul that they have thrown their hands in the air calling it quits on her, all the while making sure that at least one of their middle fingers was prominently displayed as they voiced their frustration.

Does anybody reading this know anyone they agree with 100% of the time? I sure don't, and if I did, and that person so happened to be a politician I would start to wonder about myself. I don't agree with Governor Palin about everything. I certainly don't agree with all of the candidates she is supporting. But guess what? I'm not going to sit here on my little soap box and have a hissy fit because she didn't respond with time and resources to my email. I actually never sent her PAC an email about any candidates but if I did, I wouldn't expect her to put all of her judgment and consideration aside because an activist told her to.

My main problem isn't with any disagreement former supporters have with Governor Palin's picks. As I just stated, I take little with issue with disagreement on it's face. However, when one turns that disagreement into ugly, dishonest smears, I take serious umbrage with that. Perhaps the most disturbing example that I have seen so far was a post by a member of "Smart Girl Politics" Monday night titled, "It turns out that Sarah's not such a 'smart girl' after all." The self proclaimed expert candidate vetter, and research gatherer has concluded that because Governor Palin didn't back her candidate, she isn't 'smart' like her. She also seems to suggest that Governor Palin isn't living up to her own standards by backing Paul. So I feel it's safe to assume that "Sue" wears a pretty healthy ego. Considering she think she knows Governor Palin's values better than Sarah herself know them.

The piece rambles on about what a terrible person Rand Paul is and what a wonderful "Ronald Regan Republican" Bill Johnson is but then it slips into some rather dark territory. She writes, "While I was searching for information on Palin’s endorsement statement, I also ran into lots of Palin-bash sites." Did you NOW? Rather curious how that happened... Considering when I Googled the words "Sarah Palin endorses Rand Paul," NO dedicated anti-Palin pages (and I know them all) came up within the first ten pages. NONE! I stopped looking after number ten because I knew this lady was full of rubbish. She didn't just so happen upon the anti-Palin hate-o-sphere while innocently performing some of that expert "research." No, she went looking for trash and trash she found. Vindictive action at it's core.

She then goes on to quote verbatim, smears put out by the most vile, lying left-wing attack dogs that have been hounding Governor Palin for well over a year. The same people that push ugly insane rumors about her family and her life in general. Over time, I have watched these amoral creatures bash every single aspect of Govenor Palin's life, both personally and professionally. Whether they are political operatives for the DNC or just a collective group of psychopaths, is beyond me.

For a fellow conservative to reach to the level of repeating left-wing lies only serves to give credence to such. It fuels the left and legitimizes their depraved efforts. So, take a bow "Sue," you are the only conservative to date to post quotes from the Alaskan lunatic squad as if they held an ounce of water.

I got the link for "Sue's" blog post from a former Palin supporter blog. Someone I really thought was a true supporter of Sarah Palin until the night of the Rand Paul endorsement. I realized that this person had gone from a disagreement with Governor Palin on politics to lashing out at her character. This person even posted on her Facebook page that Governor Palin was a "phony." Considering this former supporter's main issue is abortion and Rand Paul is not exactly a pro-life activist (he is for states rights to choose on the matter) I figured that's what she was talking about. So why don’t you look at this picture and call this woman a “phony” again!
It's just another way to attack Governor Palin's character rather than accept that perhaps, just maybe, she knows a thing or two about politics. I have been observing this woman for some time now and I can safely say that Sarah Palin doesn't do anything on the level of an endorsement without careful consideration. She has the ability to look at something as complicated as a primary race in a very important year and come to what she thinks is the best decision for the cause as a whole.

I am no expert on Kentucky politics but from what I've read Bill Johnson is a long shot. So realistically this is a race between Rand Paul and Trey Grayson. To those dreamers that think Johnson stands a chance, considering his poll numbers, you're wrong. Believe me, I live in the land of Chuck Devore. He seems on the surface to have mountains of support but when you break down the numbers the guy doesn't stand a chance. You have to base any political strategy for the end goal. Incremental victories only carry to the next phase. Supporting Johnson only helps Grayson in the long run by taking votes away from his real competitor. Almost ensuring a victory for Mitch McConnell part II.

Now tell me how that fixes anything in Washington, especially after you consider Rand Paul's real stance on the issues? First of all, Rand is not Ron. While he shares his father's distrust of the Federal Reserve (shouldn't we all?) he does not share the same ideology concerning national defense. He is a strong fiscal conservative, pro-gun rights, against the ever expanding size of government, he does not support amnesty for illegal aliens, he's against the government takeover of health care, for tax cuts, "energy innovation," against federally funded abortions, for promoting personal liberty, and dedicated to protecting America's national sovereignty.

Sounds like a lot better option than a county club, career politician who represents the elite establishment, not the people of this country.

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