Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Left HATES Sarah Palin

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Since when did hatred become acceptable to the left in this country? For the entirety of my life, I have watched them tell the public at large that they are all about "tolerance" and "acceptance." That the right in this country were the one's that "hated" and were full of "intolerance." Of course, growing up in one of those awful families on the horrible right, I always knew that was a lie. However, back then I don't recall the shear venomous hatred coming from those on the other side of the political spectrum that we see today.

The target of their hatred... Sarah Palin mainly but the Tea Party movement gets it just as bad because to the left, they are the same thing. On a personal level, Governor Palin receives words spewed at her usually only reserved for the worst of our society. Actually, I think leftist media agents give more respect and common courtesy to captured terrorists and convicted murderers, but that assessment only comes after seeing this with my own eyes.

The left likes to deny that they "hate" Sarah Palin. They say they have "contempt" for her, or as Mika Brezezinski says, "we’re not about hate." Mika and her co-host Joe tried real hard, in between receiving White House talking points, during a recent segment of their MSNBC show, to convince themselves that it's not "hate." But it is... Actions or rather, reactions speak loudly... The relentlessness and blindness of their misguided smears and insults defines the emotion.

I'm not the only one who is seeing it. After posting a twelve minute vitriolic rant from Chris Matthews, Noel Sheppard from Newsbusters said:
"To be sure, any sane person would have expected the Obama-loving media to attack Palin after her highly-publicized keynote speech at Saturday's National Tea Party convention.

But I'm not sure any of us were prepared for what we've witnessed in the past 48 hours.

Virtually any channel American's turned to since Palin got off the stage in Nashville, Tennessee, with the obvious exception of Fox News has been an almost unimaginable hatefest towards the former vice presidential candidate.

It makes you wonder what country you're living in, doesn't it?"
Doctor Zero wrote a piece called "Misunderstanding the tea party" in which he states:
"If you want to taste hatred, sample the venom directed at Sarah Palin, the only person currently capable of building a bridge between the energy of the Tea Party, and the established resources of the GOP."
Then there is a comment I found interesting left in a nitpicking article by Robert Schlesinger in US News & World Report, by a person describing themselves as not a "Palin fan" but an outsider tired of the attacks perpetuated by the media at Governor Palin, titled "Dude, where's your commonsense?" "Rita" says:
"I'm not a Palin fan and I think the tea partiers are still a little weird, but that said, THIS ARTICLE is downright weird, too. Seriously? An error in grammar gets a headline? Get a grip on yourself, man! Do you see how petty and sick you are becoming? Palin isn't even an elected official right now; she is a private citizen, and you're making headlines about grammatical errors?

This is not how you gain credibility to criticize her later, on more serious issues. For crying out loud, how is anyone supposed to take the press seriously -when there are really serious things to criticize- if they shoot their wad on this insipid stuff?

Did you write a headline when Obama said there were 57 states? Of course not, nor should you have! Did you write a headline when he said "corpse-man?" No, and you shouldn't have.

But I guess what the folks on the right have been saying is true: all Democrats are "brilliant' and all Republicans are "morons" when it comes to the press. Really, you should be ashamed of this; it's stupid beyond belief. Perhaps Zuckerman can get you all into therapy and anger management classes before the '10 elections? Because you guys won't make it to '12 if this is what you feel compelled to write about. Get a grip. Grow up. You are wholly owned by your hate, and it is screwing up the country.

My basic premise for writing the blog post is to call the left's actions, words, and behavior for what it is. I don't like writing about this, I don't even like thinking about it. But they are being obnoxious with it and it's impossible to ignore. They went too far this time and I think it's going to backfire on them in a way they hadn't anticipated. They never do seem to anticipate the backlash.

Sarah Palin herself seems to be enjoying their latest episode with a little front-handed mockery of her own. Her being a Christian and generally good natured, will spare her from sharing her detractors emotions.

Hatred has roots in fear and ignorance. Bigotry comes from a sense of superiority. It's a safe assumption that the left fear Sarah Palin, you hear it all the time. Fear forces them to react the way they do, where a level-headed debate would never cause what we see from them today. Talking to any of them for more than a minute reveals their ignorance. I swear these people cannot tell you one actual fact about Governor Palin. Instead, they have filled their heads with lies. As far as the left's superiority complex goes.. I'll let Glenn Beck address that:

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