Thursday, January 21, 2010

Air America Folds

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish...
Yesterday, gutter-trash, left-wing hack radio died... Oh sorry, I forgot that NPR is still receiving their government check. They remain in the business of demeaning Tea Party activists and interviewing pseudo-intellectuals about their various 'feelings.' After the announcement that Air America is closing up shop, it's pretty clear that if NPR didn't receive that check, they would have faced the same fate a long time ago. Just look at the equation.

Liberals don't listen to talk radio. Or do they? As a matter of fact, every time I listen to one of the many conservative hosts on the radio, there are usually a few liberal callers on each show. So obviously they do listen to talk radio and have enough interest to take part. Perhaps it's because there really aren't that many liberals to begin with. Gallup conducted a poll in October of last year in which "conservatives" outnumbered "liberals" 2-to-1. The survey concluded:
"Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and liberals in the American populace in 2009, confirming a finding that Gallup first noted in June. Forty percent of Americans describe their political views as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 20% as liberal. This marks a shift from 2005 through 2008, when moderates were tied with conservatives as the most prevalent group."

So, liberals take note... You're outnumbered.

Now the question is, are there enough liberals to generate sufficient ad revenue to make a profit? Perhaps, but that would require a talented host that could draw in a healthy, faithful choir audience and also some moderate and conservative listeners as well. Let's take a look at the "talent" Air America had to work with.

First you have their number one "star" Rachel Maddow. They actually just rebroadcast her MSNBC show from the previous night. So, it's a rebroadcast of a cable news show that places last in ratings compared to 9 of her other competitors. ... hmm.

Then there is Michael William Lebron, who goes by the name "Lionel" of "The Lionel Show." Before writing this, I had never heard of this guy. I still haven't, I'm merely listing their programming schedule.

The next big name on their list of "stars" is Montel Williams. Sad for me to say because there was actually a time that I respected Montel Williams. I can handle the weed thing but I cannot tolerate idiotic, intolerant, left-wing rants from someone I never viewed in any political context to begin with. He must be hanging out with the wrong group at the medical marijuana dispensary.

There are a few other people on that now defunct programming list that I had never heard of. There is also a name on there I know and respect quite well. Mr. couldn't have fallen any further from the tree, Ron Reagan. Or as Laura Ingraham calls him, "Non Reagan." It appears that unlike his father, Ron wasn't able to command a successful show.

By the looks of those hosts, minus a stoned Montel who's more successful days are long behind him, I don't see any "talent" that could ever produce an audience... So why on mother earth was this their cast? Could it be that trial lawyers make horrible business tycoons? Could it also have something to do with a mentally and morally bankrupt ideology? The unhinged intolerance and ridiculing behavior that has taken over the left-wing of this country since Barack Obama's rise is starting to wear thin on the American public. The demand for bigger government and more mandates never sells itself well. American's don't like socialism and that's what the "progressives" sell. Mean socialism.

Truth be told, this boat had holes in it for a long time. Air America first filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and got a cash infusion of $4.25 million from wealthy New York liberals, the Greene family. A good business model should have been able to pull them out of that bind with an influx of that kind of money.

Sad day for their handful of listeners but a great thing for conservatives! After all, this proves we beat you on the battlefield of ideas. Whether it be the conservative philosophy that more Americans identify with or the ability to operate a business, including staff management, the conservative talk shows are wildly more successful. In fact most of the shows on the right are having record years. The numbers may be a bit skewed due to the political climate but there are many successful shows that have been around for years, and will continue to be on for years to come..

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  1. I think there was another left wing network besides AirAmerica, but I don't know what it was called. It was the network "Big Dumb Ed" was on. It had Springer, Franken and some dumb bitch named Randi Rhodes.

    Unlike liberals, I listen to everything, so I listened to that sometimes. Believe it or not, "Big Dumb Ed" wasn't so bad in the early days. When I heard him later, I was just kind of shaking my head wondering what happened. I think someone told him he was too bland. Well, I wouldn't call it bland, I would call it reasonable. He lost that, though.

    Franken was Franken. Every couple of days there was a good comedy bit, even if you thought he drew a stupid conclusion, he could be funny periodically. But his ideology was a little twisted, and after a while, you get tired of him. Very tired.

    Randi Rhodes might have been the one to get "Big Dumb Ed" to change. She was ugly, hateful, nasty and stupid. I think someone told her that was how Rush got big, so she tried to take it farther. Well, it was obvious she didn't listen to Rush. Whoever told her that was how Rush got big, NEVER listened to Rush. Her most famous bit was the run-on sentence that managed to tie in all the ills of Satan and the republicans, plus every negative current event, all into one long sentence. I'll never know how she didn't give herself headaches. If there is a hell, Satan will make her spend the rest of eternity trying to diagram one of her own sentences.

    Springer was the best. I don't know if his show started before Bush's inauguration or not, but that was the day my local station picked it up. A guy called in and said that the inauguration was NOT going to take place. He said that a ring of fire was going to surround Washington, D.C. and prevent it from taking place. Jerry did NOT treat the guy as mentally ill, which I thought was a big mistake. I wondered how he would ever recover, but Springer got over that.

    Conservatives would call his show on occasion and tell him flat out, "Jerry, you CANNOT defend that" (on whatever the caller's subject was) and Jerry would be honest and say "No, I think that was a mistake" and though he still defended liberalism, at times he simply could not do the "lemming lie" thing that liberals do. He was the ONLY one with sense.

    Another caller told him how much she loved his TV show and said that she and the kids watched it all the time. Jerry was smart. He asked her how old the kids were. (14 or 15.) Jerry chewed her out for letting them watch the show and told her flat out that it WASN'T a show for kids that age. And then he reminded her AGAIN at the end of the call. Jerry's TV show may suck, but he was TOP OF THE PACK on radio. I came to respect him after listening to his radio show.