Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh, "Change" Meant Getting Locked Up for Five Years

Now that's change you can believe in...You won't have a choice if the PelosiCare bill passes the Senate with it's current text. I honestly don't think that the bill has a chance of surviving both the abortion debate and the fact that the federal government wants to lock up it's citizens for not buying into their "health" scheme. According to Nancy Pelosi, "The legislation is very fair" in regards to paying a hefty financial penalty along with a prison sentence.

So have no worries. San Fran Nanny-State is going to make sure we all get our chunk of health care rationing, in a system that stands to loose almost 50% of it's doctor's if the measure passes.

1 comment:

  1. Piglosi and all her commie stooges who voted for it are the ones who should go to jail.
    We can only hope that there are enough senators who won't betray us. So far it looks like Reid only has 57 votes.