Sunday, November 22, 2009

Martha Stewart Bores Me

I know the news is about a day old but what the hell? Any opportunity to kick a blue-blood ignoramus like Martha Stewart, I'm game. As if anyone cared what Martha Stewart had to say about pretty much anything, the non-domestic warlord unloaded on Sarah Palin to "Showbiz Tonight" producer Jenny D'Attoma.
"She's a very boring to me. Very boring, and a very, to me, kind of a, a dangerous person. I mean, to, she's dangerous. "
She then goes on to tell the pop-tart journalist that she doesn't really know anything about Sarah Palin outside of what her medicated friends told her at some cocktail party or "gala" that only "sophisticated" people like Stewart attend. Because not watching any of Palin's interviews or reading her new book surely makes you an expert on all things Palin, according to Headline News. Simply regurgitating the Obama group "Organizing for America" talking points is good enough to get through the tough political and social discussions held at these elite gatherings.

Stewart isn't the first wealthy felon to take issue with Sarah Palin, nor will she be the last. Personally, I can't wait for Bernie Madoff to weigh in.


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